The annual registration fee for all Trailmen and adult volunteers is $26. This is paid directly to Trail Life USA via


Troop dues are $72 annually. Dues help offset the cost of awards, equipment maintenance and replacement, and other troop operating expenses. Included in your troop dues each Trailman will receive:

One silk screened 100% poly moisture wicking uniform t-shirt, leaf tracking cards (5ea), personal name card and lanyard w/card pouch. Additionally Navigators / Adventures will receive The Trailman's Handbook


Trail Life USA released official Class A uniforms in 2015. We are using polo shirts available from as the Class B uniform. Polos shirts begin at $22. We are using t-shirts available from as the Class C uniform. T-shirts begin at $12-22.

Trailmen are encouraged to attend meetings in TLUSA uniform apparel. Class C uniforms are ideal for beginners.


Navigators (6th-8th grade) and Adventurers (9th-12th grade) will also need a Trail Life USA Handbook, which costs about $17 and can also be ordered directly from

There is no handbook for the Woodlands Trail (Kindergarten – 5th grade) program since their materials are available on


Campouts, hikes, and other activities will cost extra.

Financial Assistance

Financial constraints should not prevent a Trailman from actively participating in Trail Life USA. The Troop may be able to provide financial assistance as needed. Please contact the Troop Master and Charter Organization Representative at All correspondence will be kept confidential.